Just another normal day

So, another day of watching the sun come down, moon come up and down all night and sun rise again…. God I wish my womb gremlin aka Stanaweee would sleep. I am starting to feel numb and my bags under my eyes look like they are packed for around the world trip. 🌎
Anyhow…it doesn’t last forever… just 3 bloody years of night feeds and crying into a pillow wishing god, Allah, ganesh, the tooth fairy or the lock Ness monster would answer my prayers for just ONE sleep lasting more than 40 minutes.

Ahh, the sounds of my darling angels rising for another delightful day …”Nooo I’m not stinky, you are, no I’m spider man, you aren’t you are spider girl, thats my bogey” blissful.

I’m glad I had a wash last night because I really cannot be arsed to drag my saggy arse into the shower right now, I feel like my head is in a cloud.
Right dress the crib midgets and go downstairs to make juice and pack school bags and biff shoes. Agree to everything on the way down, “wow really, the dinosaurs lived a million years ago and the ate 300lvs of meat a day? Amazing son. Yes that’s right I have hair on my arm pits, why? Urm because I’m too lazy to shave. Yeh that’s right. Yes it’s OK if you make Stanley a dog”.

Making juice… water dripping on my head. Oh dear god either one of the gods is drooling on me from above meaning they are going to admit me to heav…oh no it will be hell for me. Sweet baby Jesus or devil’s …yes oh god yes take me to your fire gates for a rest please now!” Nope…it’s a bathroom leak again…
Shouts husband in a calm manner . “The ceilings p*ssing water again”.

Husband checks taps, *SNAP* water sprays up in the air all over Husbands face like an episode of Tom and Jerry. Least he got a facial this year ey?! Charlotte starts squealing, who is sat naked on the toilet and was previously arguing with herself why she doesn’t have a penis, shrieking “DAAAAAAAD YOU HAVE WET MY HAIR!!!! 😡😡”

I am soooo use to this situation in this house I start to stroll back downstairs to turn stop tap off, whilst husband is trying to deep throat the pipe to prevent water from spewing out over our just re done flooring from last leak.
07:15 only.

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