Wedding day

Me and Tono just got married the other day and want to thank everyone for coming and making the day so special. It was a lovely little ceremonry we just went with the 2 whiteness (mam and dad) lol as we saving for house and hopefully go to see Tonos family next year. We still …

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Spa day

Me and ems decided to have a nice DIY Spa day at home the other day, so we buy the nice face masks, blueberry and avacado, which Lilly thought was food as she was trying to eat my face like some form of face hugger of the Alien movie when I had it on. Afterwards …

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Day out

We had a lovely day at cow green reservoir and the girls had a great time. Our Lilly was talking away to the reservoir, so loud im sure you could hear her in the next valley, so much for it being an area of peace and quiet 🤣. Emily has decided to collect stones and …

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Last week of school

Emily is very excited about the last week of school and looking forward to the holidays, and Incant believe shes going into year 2 in September time flys xx

Bambrough Castle trip

Me and Tono took the girls to Bambrough Castle at the weekend, which they loved, well ofcourse Lilly did as she was been carried all day 😆 … honestly the minute you put her down world war three starts. Emily enjoyed exploring and looking at all the different rooms, which she now wants to take …

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Cat Cafe 🐈

This weekend we went to the cat Cafe in Durham and Emily made friends with the cats and of cours wanted to go back the next day for the delicious carrot cake … although when I make carrot cake she wont eat it …. typical kids 😄 😆 xx

Fun at the Zoo

We had a lovely day at the zoo and the girls made lots of friends with the animals. Emily loved seeing the snow leopard and its now her favourite animal bless her, Lilly was having a conversation with the meerkats ….. I suppose they would talk a lot more sence that I do 😄 xx

Funny cat

After thinking that my cay Dexter and the cat from across the road where not exactly friends … although Dexter dose not make a good guard cat he just lets the cat come through the cat flap ajd eat his food …. softy …. anyway I was watching him go out of the cat flap …

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