Got my Halloween costume ready

Day 737 of blurr

Status of body/general appearance – well, it’s Halloween coming up so I can get away with the state of it… Alfie still off with tonsillitis, he has been bawking when trying to eat brekky and still teary so I thought maybe one more day off to get antibiotics kicked in. He hasnt had a full 48 hours yet of antibiotics so pobably will help to rest some more. Mind you in slumber all he was shouting for was pizza as per.

Plus he spat the first half of his a days worth of antibiotics all over. I was THE worst mother in the world and had to literally pin him down to administer the antibiotics, like some sort of sumo wrestler/ mad Doctor Frankenstein with a syringe in my hand. (I am feeling the size of said sumo wrestler at the moment) I dread to think what is poor neighbours think happening here.

Still… I am in my jammies tidying up all the toys in their room, greasy hair, as I cant seem to take a shower longer than 2 minutes without some sort of atomic bomb going off in my bloody house.

I am going to admit for once ….. I am utterly exhausted. Two and a half years of breastfeeding two kids (so constant nightshifts) I get two hours sleep a nigh if I am LUCKY! not that I am moaning about it … right? Or is that listening everyone in my house sleep peacefully, undisturbed, and get every whim answered like ”I need a drink” or ”why aren’t we having a movie night” – Henry its 2 am. Noo I’m not upset about that at all. (Trying to type this out and have had my brekkie pinched twice now. Then my darling daughter had launched said bowl of cereal across the table like a bar drink ….. and its just splashed all over the chair and floor. I am o glad I have a Dyson – dog who is cleaning up all the splatters.


Stanley has been awake alllllll night tossing and turning just generally twisty. Henry has been p all night with leg cramps so had to see to him, you know the usual physio stretching leg and giving leg rubs to your 4 year old at 12 am is totally fine. Freddie bashing his head of the wall like some form of triceratops in a fight with a bowling ball in his sleep most of the night. Then rolling out on to the floor, from a floor bunk bed … I know???? Only our Fred. ” Son you have fell 2 cm to the floor. Dear God please Freddy GO TO SLEEP. I am still like hop along, day 3 of bad knee/ leg hobbling about. Trying to drive to bishop to get the poor kitty to the vets was a joke yesterday like some sort of demolition derby! God knows what I have done to it, I need a new body one with a full battery hahaha hope you are having better days anyhow.

Lauren xx

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