Fun baking

At the weekend we decided to do some baking and Emily wanted to help and she ofcourse wanted to crack the eggs, so I let her and ofcourse this resulted in egg all over the kitchen top 😄 although the first one she craked she did really well, she must be going to be a …

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Easter fun

Emily and Lilly had a great easter, they both enjoyed the egg hunt (although I think Lilly would have preferred to have chocolate over milk but Ems had Lillys easter eggs for her 😆)Hope everyone had a good easter Xx

Sleep talking baby

After a few nights of Lilly talking and fussing and cooing in her sleep, as you can imagine me and Tono arnt getting that much sleep, I asked my mam if any of us used to do that when we where babies and she said “yes you did” hahaha perhapse this is karma for keeping …

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Fun at the opticians

So Emily has been saying her eyes are blurry for a few and so I said ok we will get you an appointment, so I booked her an appointment and apparently she has fantastic eye sight … apparently she just likes the eye tests and looking at the glasses 😐 haha just my luck haha …

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8 week check up

Lilly had her 8 week check up today and all is good bless her and then she had her vaccines, which she wasn’t too happy about and she was telling me and the nurse off bless her. But she’s fast asleep now, after telling Tono all about the doctors haha.

The joys of toilet training

Kids have played OK ish…Stan attached to me still really unwell. I look like I have escaped from an asylum…Then Henry shouts mam Charlotte’s done wee all over bathroom floor it’s lots. I was sceptical. “Charlotte have you wee’d?” Lottie: “yehhhh Charlotte did poo 💩” Me: 👀😶 *goes to investigate hoping its an intact turd …

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Fun with kids

Me and Tono seem to be getting the hang of parenting whilst doing school work and working from home along with all the housework, and it has been a funny journey, on the morning’s we both look like characters of the Walking Dead show and whilst we are both looking forward to a hot cup …

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