Lock down improvisation

As the lockdown contiues as we all know we have to improvise to the best of our abilities…. so far this week we have been homeschooling (much to Emilys dismay) although she did make a good points on imperative verbs (whatever they are they haha) after saying they where bossy verbs she says “like you …

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Home schooling fun

Well today has been fun with home schooling. Emily has done some of the work, however it has been funny as i feel like the class routine for her to learn has been as follows. 8 am – Home economics, make a coffee.. Emily “mam I want a snack”9:00 am- Home economics turn on washing …

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Lockdown here we go again

We all hope everyone is keeping safe and well in this hard time, and even though it will be tough we will get through it and hopefully see friends and family for christmas, stay safe and well lots of love from us all xx

Eggo is preggo

Me and my partner decided to try for a baby last year as we knew it may take some time to have a baby due to my medical reasons (although this was before the current pandemic as falling pregnant in the middle of a pandemic was probably not my wisest idea haha) and we are …

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How it all started

Hello everyone New to writing blogs, me and my sister Lauren are going to post some blogs just for fun, hope you like them and can laugh along with us in our crazy life. Abbie xx